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Moon Daughters

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Welcome to the unique collection of hand-painted NFTs, ready to take you on a journey where art and technology come to life

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The Collection

Moon Daughters are a collection of 10.000 images, made by combining watercolored elements. They represent the fluidity of one’s destiny, as represented by the 12 zodiac signs that set them apart.
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We want Moon Daughters to be the first NFT collection from a series of others. Our goal is to create a community of traditional artists, NFT/tech enthusiasts and investors where they can help each other in launching new NFT collections where art is in the spotlight.


We want Moon Daughters to be a statement and a proof that traditional artists (painters, sculptors, musicians etc) can find their place in this new space and take advantage of its perks.

Our working process


It all began with an idea

When creating NFTs, you need to think of an element that is both endless and finite. and what other better element to play with than the Zodiac signs: 12 symbols who can represent so much, for so many.



Then the art took shape

After deciding what our key attraction is, Andreea started the meticulous process of bringing our MoonDaughters to life. With these unique hand-painted elements, our creation is ready to be launched!

Image by Christopher Gower


And so a code was created

Using these hand-painted elements, we generated a collection of 10,000 Moon Daughters. They will be available on the Elrond blockchain.


The Artist


Meet Andreea

Andreea is a Netherlands-based artist, creator of the Andraws brand and products. Master in watercolor painting, she not only spend her time creating breathtaking art, but also holding workshops for those who want to learn the art of controlling water and color.


You can check out more about Andreea on her website!



Utilities & Benefits

We want to combine the utilities that are valuable in the real world (live events, discounts) to the ones that are popular in the digital world (royalties, passive income, etc)

With our collection we want to address to three types of people - investors, tech enthusiasts and artists (art lovers). Therefore, we want to offer to these three categories different kinds of utilities that match the needs and desires. Of course, everyone that will buy a Moon Daughter will take advantage of all these perks.

Learn at your own pace!

Image by Joshua Mayo


Are the ones whose main interest is finding a solid project that can give them financial benefits in long/short term.

At the Office

Tech enthusiasts

Are the investors whose main attention is towards concept, team and products, who want to support the team in developing new tools or series of products.

Handmade Ceramic Cup

Artists (art lovers)

Are here for the art - they want keep learning different styles of making art or want to start creating their first collection, but don't really know where to start.

Artists & Art lovers

Art workshops

Each quarter, the holders can attend special art workshops hosted by our artist, Andreea, or other artists.

Interviews with artists

We want to introduce you to new artists and learn about their creative stories and how they are expanding to the NFT world.

Original art

An exclusive NFT collection will be randomly distributed to our MD holders. They will receive the NFT + the original physical artwork, signed by the artist.


Creating a community of tech enthusiasts (developers, designers, artists etc) that can work together in helping other traditional artists to launch their own NFT collection.

Earn with art kits

Artists can order their own upcoming art kit from Andreea's collection. It will be the perfect starting point for people that want to discover a new passion. 

1:1 Art coaching

MD holders can win special 1:1 art coaching with Andreea or other artists from the community.

For tech enthusiasts:


Creating a community of tech enthusiasts (developers, designers, artists etc) that can work together in helping other traditional artists to launch their own NFT collection.


They can enlarge their portfolio with exclusive whitelist from future collections from the same team.

Earn with Merch

They can get their own NFT printed on merch: t-shirts, phone cases or art prints.

Periodically, some lucky MD holders can win parts of the profit.

For investors:


Not only will they own their own Moon Daughter, but they also have the chance to participate in the lotteries and win part of the royalties.

Additional income opportunity

MD holders have the chance of receiving additional income just by holding their NFTs - they will be automatically registered for the lotteries for royalties and merch.


The investors can enlarge their portfolio with new airdrops from future collections.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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We did some research and came up with the idea of Moon Daughters


Andreea and Serban worked closely and made some tests for layering all the hand painted elements


Andreea painted all the watercolor elements


10 000 Moon Daughters were generated and uploaded on the blockchain


We have started looking for new team members specialized in marketing



Start approaching new artists and to bring diversity to our community. We will also host interviews with them.


We want to create educational NFT related content for traditional artists.


10 000 Moon Daughters will go live on the Elrond blockchain


We will randomly airdrop original, fully hand painted NFTs to a lucky holder. They will also receive the physical painting.



The holders that buy MD merch will have the chance to win part of the profit (in cryptocurrency).


Start approaching new artists so that we can support each other.


Research manufacturers, build and list the kits on our website.


After the MD collection is sold out, we will start working on the upcoming Launchpad that will support other traditional artists.


We will start working on a new NFT collection on the same concept to help financing the launchpad.



Once our Moon Daughters collection is sold out, we will launch "The Open Book" launchpad and other artists will be able to create new collections with our help and guidance.


Andraws Art - Andreea Nae.jpg

Andreea Nae


Andraws Art - Andreea Nae.jpg

Natalia R.


Andraws Art - Andreea Nae.jpg

Serban Necula


Andraws Art - Andreea Nae.jpg

Cosmin C.


Our partners

MD X ArcStake - Post.gif

What happens when art and technology trust each other?

A fantastic collaboration between Arc Stake and Moon Daughters!

We really wanted to create a trustworthy community, in which the creativity of artists and the entrepreneurial spirit of IT experts and investors to open new doors for creation and evolution.

The first round of sale (after presale) will take place on May 28th, starting from 5PM UTC and the smart contract will only be open for 12 hours.

You will be able to mint your NFT here:

When can I mint the Moon Daughters NFTs?

The first round of sale (after presale) will take place on May 28th, starting from 5PM UTC and the smart contract will only be open for 12 hours.

You will be able to mint your NFT here:

Why 10 000 NFTs?

We believe that the power of the NFTs stay in the communities that are formed around them.

We want to launch a collection of 10 000 Moon Daughters because we want to give the chance to more people to hold an NFT, support artists and enjoy the art.

The more people that join our holders community, the more chances we have to add more value to the NFT art scene by helping traditional artists enter the digital world.

Moreover, Andreea hand painted so many different watercolor elements that we can be easily generate thousands of different combinations of Moon Daughters, so why not?

How much will one Moon Daughter NFT cost?

Each Moon Daughters NFT will cost 0.4 EGLD

By getting at least one NFT you will benefit from all the perks that come with this collection and, most importantly, you will support future traditional artists launch their first NFT collections.

Are all MD NFTs the same?

Nope! They have a rarity score!

What does that mean? Basically there are Daughters that have some elements that are more rare than others (elements that appear less times through the collection). This makes some Moon Daughters more valuable than others, which can be a great asset for investors.

What is this Launchpad?

“The Open Book” Launchpad aims to empower artists with new technology, that will help them reach from their fan communities to other art enthusiasts. The verified ownership of the art and the non-replicability state of the token is a guarantee the technology provides to the art industry.

We aim to bring toghether traditional artists, developers and marketeers and launch new NFT collection where art is in the spotlight.

Can I get additional income opportunities if I hold a Moon Daughter?

Definitely! Each MD holder is automatically registered for our lotteries. They can earn EGLD in two different ways:

- Part of the royalties will go back to holders - we will organize lotteries and each MD holder has the chance to win part of the royalities.
- If you buy merch with your NFT, part of the profit will go to a pool. We will periodically organize lotteries and the the holders will have the chance to win back these profits.

How can I earn from merch?

If you buy any merch from us with your NFT (art print, t-shirt, phone case etc), you will have the chance to win back much more in your crypto wallet.

Pretty cool, right? But that's not all. You can promote your NFT merch among your friend and followers. It doesn't matter who buys your NFT merch, part of all these profits will go back to the community!

Can I attend art workshops?

Yes! We will host art workshops quarterly for our NFT holders. Don't worry, it will be meant for beginners, so even if you don't have any experience with the art world, you can still join. Who knows? Maybe you will discover a new awesome and creative skill!

Andreea will host the first watercolor workshops, but our goal is to invite other artists too. They will be able to share their skills with a new community and you can learn new tips and tricks from different artists.

What about the watercolor kits?

One of Andreea's projects is creating a watercolor art kit for beginners. She often received the same question for people that want to start painting: "what supplies do I need?". By creating these kits, she solves this problem.

It will not be just a bag of art supplies, but a beautifully designed art box with all you can need to start creating your own artworks. It can also be the perfect gift for any creative friend.

And that's not all! You will also be able to make passive income with this kit - promote it among your friend and followers and get back part of the price in cryptocurrency!


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